Mad Max Interceptor MkII

side-view3.jpgThe interceptor mkII was built in spring 2001. It featured many new things and was far better than the audi or its predecessor. Here's some details:
The engine: It's basically a V version of the 4 cylinder engine, as seen in the Building plans section. And by saying that, i mean, that i have taken two R4 engines and have planted them in the same casing. The rest was just a thing of adjustment. It's a very powerfull engine. Aldough it has never exceeded 160 rpm's, it was capable of moving the 5-6 kilogram interceptor with ease (while the car moved, the engine run @ 80rpm's). Since i consider it too complicated and too inefficiant in this stage of development, there will be no building instructions for it.
The transmission: I've decided to build a transaxle transmission (can be seen in the Chevy Corvette, Porsche 928 and some other sports cars), to reduce weight on the front axis and to prevent the transmission shaft to be to big in the wrong place. It's a modified Supercar MkII transmission, with a new shifting mechanism. For details see pics.
The body: The goal was to make it stiffer and lighter than the audi frame. The stiffnes was accomplished successfully. But aldough i tried to leave out all nonessential parts, i was not very successfull in reducing the car's weight. Maby it's because the car has grown in size and complexity.
Front suspension: I have chosen to build a MacPherson front suspension as it is used in most of today's cars. It has some very distinctive advantages to the double wishbone suspension used in all Lego supercars. One of them is the absence of the upper suspension arm, and with it the need for a corresponding arm mount. Also, it allows you to play with the steering angle. As you can see in the pics, the suspension arm is tilted slightly bakwards, and inwards. The steering axle being tilted bakward makes the wheels automatically adjust to drive straight ahead. While driving, you expirience it, when the steering wheel rotates back into the center position, when you exit a curve. The inward tilting is there to ensure maximum tire grip while driving corners. When the car rolls in corners, the angle between the wheel and the surface changes and the steering axle being tilted inward corrects that problem. Build such a suspension, and you'll see what i mean.
The rear suspension is just a simple 4 link suspension, as seen in the Lego Silverchampion or Williams F1.

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