TLC 8285 Review

DSC00388.JPGOk. I bought this set for christmas. It was 99€ in toys'r us, so i just couldn't resist. Initially i wanted to buy the 8275 bulldozer set AND this. But the dozer was not available anywhere anymore.

The tow truck is quite a big set. It took me 4 hours to assemble. So i reckon a dad and son team will have plenty of fun putting this together. The model has really a lot of functions going on, and the hood is just pure genious. The truck shows how nice the studless parts are for building large detailed models. You could never achieve such a nice and accurate shape with the old beams.

What i don't fully understand is the addition of pneumatics for lifting the rear tow hook. Since the crane is lifted mechanically, this could have been done mechanically aswell, and leave enough room to add a second differential to the last set of wheels to add realism.

The crane mechanism is also very nicely done. It combines a lot of mechanical functions in a very small and compact unit. modularity is the key.

My verdict?

I love this set. It's got A LOT of parts. Which was the main reason i bought it for. It can serve as a platform for many truck based models. I would encourage lego, to try and start incorporating a suspension in their models. Why are all the models without a suspension? This would add a completly new dimension. I'd love to see this truck converted to a leaf spring suspension with a tandem rear axle, and a rig setup, without the crane, and a big black rig behind it, all covered with those big SNOT plates.

Anyway, Here are the pictures.

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