New videos - mustang drifting, crashing, challenger first drive - LPEpower inside

At the end of kockefest, when the visitor crowd cleared there was enough room for some driving. The smooth linoleum floor provided the perfect surface for some drifting action. Unfortunately, the designated driver - Zblj - was able to crash the car. Also, the Challenger had its first drive with the LPEpower inline 3 engine. As you can see in the video, it needed some help, but you must understand that the drivetrain losses were huge and the challenger is a very heavy car. Plus, it has bigger wheels than the mustang. But the inline 3 managed it well after some slight help.



Do you plan to use the LPE Power V8?

If so, how is it gonna fit in to a car 4 studs narrower than the current Mustang...


Of course. It already does. It's pretty simple. There's one stud clearance between the engine and the struts in the old car, and the struts are now upright, which makes another stud. So 2 studs on each side, makes4 studs. I have the mockup already here, and the v8 fits nicely.

Btw, the drifts are made using the lpepower V8.

Relative scale

I was meaning more in relative scale.

The V8 is 20 studs wide I believe, and so if you're making an approximately 40 stud wide car 4 studs narrower, then the engine will look huge surely?

If it fits and looks alright then I'll eat my words, it's just a little hard to imagine...


It's already oversized, so it doesn't matter :)


I watched the videos of the Mustang . . . you don't have rear wheel drive for nothing, eh?

Rear wheel drive

Nope :) The new version of the mustang that i'm preparing will be 4 studs narrower and 4 studs lower, same wheels, and much lower weight. It'll also have a more efficient drivetrain and a live axle.

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