Audi A6 Avant

This modell was a slight improovement to the interceptor mkI. It was built during summer 2000 and featured many new things.
a) The engine is placed in front of the front axle. The gearbox has an integrated differential, which is placed just behind the engine. The gearbox is operated via flex system and ropes, like in a real car. This has several benefits: because the car has a modified supercar MkII gearbox, it would have required a huge gearbox shaft in the interior. Also, the shifting motion of the supercar MkII's gearbox is far from that of real cars. So i made this nice system to accomplish both tasks. A small gearbox shaft, and the realistic shifting feel.
b) The suspension is is an evolutionary step from the interceptor mkI system. The front suspension bridge with the lower suspension arms is removable in one piece (like in areal car). The gearbox also fixed to it. The upper suspension arm is supported by the double entry pneumatic pistons, which serve as shock absorbers and home made springs (which are too stiff). The pistons are fixed in the body, like in a real car. The rear suspension bridge can also be removed in one piece. It is very similar to the front suspension.
c) The steering is also Audi style. It's placed in betwen the spring arms. it's leavers go diagonal to the front part of the axle. They also make room for the big engine.
d) The doors work also like in a real car. They open via the black handles or the inside grey handles. You can just slam them close like in a real car, and the noise they make also sounds real, and gives a very solid impression.
e) The lights are operated via the 9V system, which is placed right behind the engine in the engine bay.
f) Not lego, but needed for the overall realistic apperance is the front windscreen, made by a clear plastic foil.

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