1972 Dodge Charger

This model was built during november/december 2002. Didn't count the hours, but it wasn't THAT many. It resembles the 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye, with a 426 HEMI engine, 4 speed (in our case 5 speed) transmission, dana60 rear end, and power bulge hood (in other words, my dream combination). It was built on the basis of
Glenn Woodell's beautifull 72' Charger Rallye 440 six pack.
When building the car i learned lots of valuable things to be applied to the next model. I'm not yet sure what the next model will be, but maby we can make a poll to help me decide, or just email me with your suggestions.
The engine:
The engine is pretty neat. It's a product of my cooperation with a buddy from England, Simon Croft, alias Micky Knox :) (he didn't want me to credit him, but i'll do it anyway, because he deserves it). It features a new piston guidance system, as can be seen on the 620rpm engine ldraw file, it has 1 valve per cylinder, and 2 "cylinder heads", which are driven separately. This allows a lot of freedom when adjusting the valves. I'm yet waiting for the new camshaft pieces (2x1 liftarms) i ordered on bricklink. The engine will be explained in much more detail and i will make building instructions for it, once the liftarms arrive. Then you'll all be able to verify my results. Btw.. I showed the car to a few friends. They lifted it up, saw how heavy it was, and all said, that there's no way that this lego thing of an engine will move it. They were proven otherwise :)
The gearbox:
Yeah, well... basically it's a reinforced supercar mkII/4x4 offroader box, with a better gear changing system. Nothing special.
Front suspension:
The front suspension is a classical macpherson principle. The only difference is, that it utilizes a mopar style steering. It's a "simulated" recirculating ball steering. Only that it's missing the balls. The steering wheel rotates the lego worm gear, which moves the small cog on the pitman shaft, which moves the paralelogram steering linkage. Pretty simple. And it takes up much less space than a rack and pinion steering, which is quite helpfull, if you got such a big engine under the hood. :) The only other thing to mention is the mounting of the wheels. For that I used the black/yellow 4x4 offroader elements, I cut off the ball linkages and glued the remaining bearing onto 2 4 stud long axles, which I then connected to the suspension strut arms.
Rear suspension:
Well, i decided to go with a mopar solution. Live axle with leave springs. :) The springs are nothing more than 2 layers of long lego plates, firmly fastened to the axis. They're pretty cool, allow lots of suspension travel, and are actually pretty soft. Look at the pictures for more.
The doors:
Belive it or not, it's actually THE SAME mechanism as in the interceptor. I didn't even take it apart. Instructions on how to make such a mechanism are long overdue. I will make them next week. I promise.
The body:
Yes, it's tougher, more roomy, but also as heavy as all its predecessors. :( I really can't say, that weight has gone down. It hasn't. :( However, i'm slowly getting some ideas on how to reduce weight. First of all, i will make the rear quarter pannels part of the weight bearing structure. Then, i'll leave every second row of the floor bricks out. Then, i have to find out, how to make a stronger structure more efficiantly, thus with less parts. Yes, that'll be. But with the next modell.
Body Pannels:
Yes, the shape of the muscle cars is pretty awesome and exciting. I think they're sexy. But it's actually pretty hard, to make such an amazing shape with lego, and with the limited number of parts i had. Dammit, i need more plates of blue, black and red color. Anybody care to donate some?
The car has one. I was to lazy to do a decent one. Nuff said.
Ok, the hood pivots are muscle cars like, with a rubber band keeping it open, and the hood has a lock, similar to the one used in the doors. :)

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