2005 Ford Mustang

This model was built from october 2004 untill today - 18.3.2005 .
I decided to press the model onto the page, because it will prolly take some further time, to make the engine piping and to complete the brake mechanism. Especially, because i lack 2 small pneumatic cylinders.
Also, building instructions for the entire car in ldraw are in preparation, but they might take several months till they're ready. Misha is working hard on them, since i've provided him with TONS of detailed pics, and will continue so, untill he has enough material to make them. Untill then, enjoy the pics of the unfinished car. Outdoor pics and pics of the finished product will follow as the work progresses and the weather improves.

The mustang got an update. I tested it outdoors and there were alot of problems. If you watched the video in the downloads section, you can imagine what i went through. Now i've finally debugged it. This required me to completly rebuild the rear end of the car, together with the rear suspension. I changed it from the original live axle to an independent macpherson setup with trailing arms for additional support (the ford mondeo and focus have a very similar setup, but without the differential part).
The other thing i did was, i got rid of the gearbox. Why? Well, simply because the gearbox wasn't able to cope with the forces at hand and it really isn't needed. The engine has the characteristics of a steam engine, so it basically doesn't require a gearbox and the engine is powerfull enough to deal with the car by itself. The gear ratio is 1:1.
On the pictures you'll notice a strange "gearbox". This thing is basically a "one way" clutch like you see on bicycles. It enables the engine to normally drive the car, but when the engine stops, or turns slower than the driveshaft, the clutch allows the car to still drive forward. It also acts as a kind of an "engine brake". I installed it, to save the gears in the differential from premature death, and for the movement of the car to be independent of the engine.

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