Lego usb brick

Well, a company named ZIP ZIP finally made a lego usb brick in the form of a 2x4 brick. It's 1GB big, but wears a hefty pricetag of aus $59 (roughly $49 us bucks). I'll rather make my own, just like Brett.

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USB key

Heh i also putted my USB key in a brick because the old housing was so busted. You can see it here:
Its nice Lego made an USB key, yet it really looks expensive!

if they didnt ask Lego for

if they didnt ask Lego for rights, Lego can sue them...

The reason for the price

I think the fact that they must pay for the license adds to the steep price of it.

It's not from lego

This usb stick is not from the lego company. As stated it's from a company called ZipZip .

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