Experimental 3 speed gearbox

Just made an experimental 3 speed gearbox for the challenger!!! I went for realism, so the basic setup of this is like in a real gearbox. I had to modify the 20 tooth gears, so i could insert a clutch gear into each. Now i need to make a shifting mechanism for it and it is ready for action :)


It could be that you

It could be that you modified the 20 tooth gears, not the 36 tooth gears, like you wrote. Please correct me if I am wrong, if not edit your post.
The simplicity and realism of the design is promising!!! I could very well give up from automatic gearbox development because you have just inspired me with this three speed manual for my opel, it would be perfect. It would mean that i need to sacrifise two differentials, because I will go with a similar setup but with the 24 tooth clutch gears, for bigger ratios and a reverse.

You sure are productive these days :)

Almost done

I have the shifting mechanism figured out. I will post pics on sunday (won't be home tomorrow), when i finish it. I think it's very realistic. I also shuffeled the gears a bit, because like it is in these pics, the shifting mechanism isn't working out. First and second are now operated with the same clutch.

Way to go Alex! Hope it will

Way to go Alex! Hope it will survive the tourqe!

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