Gearbox almost done

Gearbox is almost done. Works very nicely and is 6 studs wide. I't's 5 stud around the center, but i had to add a stud more to the drivers side, to acomodate the shifting mechanism. See for yourself in the galery.


Have you sanded the tow ball

Have you sanded the tow ball of the blue part you use as the shifter that it fits in a half a stud space? And one more question: How have you solved the problem of the 2x1 thin liftarms that move the driving rings? I mean, if they are 90 degree perpendicular and not angled they rub against the driving ring's middle section providing unneccessary friction.


I have sanded the ball down, yeah. The 2x1 bricks don't really rub on the driving rings. If viewed in front of a light there's a clear gap between the ring and the 2x1 liftarm. Besides, i also applied some silicon lube, so it all goes very smoothly.

I remember when I tryed a

I remember when I tryed a similar setup using those 2x1 liftarms for schifting, and yes there is a gap between the ring and the 2x1 liftarm but every 90 deegres as the ring spins there is a little triangle that sticks outward, then it rubs against it, and the bigest problem I noticed that the sharp edges of the 2x1 liftarm are in constant contact with the driving ring midle section oval edges. The friction is not enormous but it is there, on 1000rpm something could melt.
But if you say that it is solved with a bit of lubrication, then very good, I will not dismiss that shifting solution. I need a neet and most important simple design for my 2 speed, I am having problems solving it to be honest.

Very nice

Way to go Alex! Keep the pictures comming!

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