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I started development of the engine. I think this is the best V engine block i've made to date. It is 2 studs longer than the engine from the mustang. It has no valve system yet, but that will soon change. I'll keep you posted.


Simply beautiful Alex!!!

Simply beautiful Alex!!! I see you choose to go with a clean two studs beetwen each cylinder and a strong one stud middle caps! That will allow for magnificant lateral bracing! Absolutely the way to go! That the engine will be a bit longer is negliable, it will be extremely strong block, well these white 16 stud axles found their place in LPEs afterall, I also see that you use axle holes instead of pin holes on the caps. I would have went with the same approach and lenghts. Plenty of space for almost any valve system that one could imagine!
This may very well be the best V8 block until now!
What sort of valve setup do you have in mind?

I will try

I will try it with the setup you have in your inline first. But yeah, the block is designed to fit ANY valve setup one might choose, and i doubt it can be made any stronger than this.

Yes indeed the design is

Yes indeed the design is very strong, and it is selfsuggesting, after I saw what does the middle cap means on my inline for the structual integrity of the whole block it is only logical that the V8 would need 3 middle caps. Also the axle holes on the caps are very important.
As for the valve setup I use on my inline, hmm, I suppose you will have two valves per bank? If yes, I am very curious to see how will it preform with big cylinders and will they provide enough airflow.
A suggestion and a question: will you brace the two cylinder heads together? I know with this design is not even neccessary but still.


I will use 2 per bank, yes. I tried this setup on the inline, and it went 1120 rpms. Maby the v8 will be able to get more rpms out of it. Hopefully. The inline ran extremly smooth, which is definetly good.

As for the bracing of the heads together, i'll see. If it isn't necessary i won't.


nice it looks so futuristic keep it going Alex!

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