2008 Dodge Challenger

Car is officially done. Today i shot just some quick and dirty pics to please you, my dear viewers, who were waiting for this moment since may 2006. The official much better quality pics will be shot on saturday, including some movies of the test run.

Just some quick data. First the data from the mustang for comparison:

2005 LEGO Ford Mustang - weight 4.8kg , width/height/length (cm) 31/23/67
2008 LEGO Dodge Challenger - weight 5.7kg , width/height/length (cm) 33.5/22/82


One of the local subaru

One of the local subaru dealers has a few challengers that they hooked up and are putting next to their rally subarus

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Cool ! i just have a quick question: where did you get the wheels and tyres from?


I bought them in This shop.

What diameter/scale?

What diameter are the wheels? Also, what scale are they under (1/10, 1/8, or 1/12)?


The wheels have an overal diameter of 11cm (4.3"). They're supposedly for 1:8 scale r/c buggies. In a car model like this, they're closer to a 1:6.5 scale.


This really is a step on from the Mustang in terms of design and sophistication. I love it. I do however have a few tiny suggestions you may like to consider, nothing major and in no way am I suggesting it really needs improving, but in my opinion, it's missing a few things.

I would make the headlights bigger, moving up to the 4x4 dishes, and then cover them up slightly at the top to give that mean stance at the front. I think that would make it look kick arse. I might also put some sort of grey line in the rear lights to resemble the Dodge logo, looks a bit empty back there. Just my two cents.

But it does look prett fly as it is, thumbs up to you!


The lights are 100% scale accurate. 4x4s would be too big. The car has to loose weight, so i will rebuild the whole chassis with the help of the nxt 3x3 connectors (40 pieces are on their way). And i will probably make further improovements down the way.

It's much easier making big scale adjustments once you have a chassis done. And i have plenty of ideas to make the car stiffer and lighter.

Sexy car

Good work, it looks very HOT, cant wait to see it drive (hopefully it will run in first test).

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