TLC 8421 mobile crane

Right. I haven't bought a new lego model in years. TLC (The Lego Company) just didn't make anything interesting since the 4x4 offroader. But i knew i had to have one of these.
This model is just awesome. It took me a whole afternoon to just build it. I imagine it will be a nightmare to dissasemble it though, because the parts fit really snugly together. The quality of the bricks in the pakage is very good. I'm impressed. TLC has done a very good job on this one.

I imagine that a less expirienced builder will have lots and lots of fun putting this baby together, and he or she will feel very satisfied after completing this complex model. The package includes a new lego electric motor, 1 pneumatic pump, 2 pneumatic cylinders, 1 pneumatic switch, 1 electric battery box, and lots of pieces. All in all there are 1884 pieces. Awesome.

Here are the measurements taken with my tape meter:
Length: 46cm
Width: 14,5cm
Max height with crane boom extended: 69,5cm
Max length of the extended crane boom: 64cm

I purchased it at a price of 133 euros (with a 20% discount) at a local store, here in Slovenia. It usually sells for about 170 euros, which is quite a pricetag, so the model certanly isn't cheap, but after opening the package and building it, it certanly doesn't dissapoint. I really recommend this model to everyone, not only because its a great model to have on a shelf, but because it includes so many liftarms, that studless building becomes a real joy.

I'm already thinking of all the the new possibilities and the models and technologies i'll be able to build, once i get bored with the model and dissasemble it.
A last note, if anybody from the TLC is reading this: please make more models like this!!! You certanly got one loyal customer who will buy them: ME .
Ok, now off to the pictures.

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