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This model was built from october 2004 untill today - 18.3.2005 .
I decided to press the model onto the page, because it will prolly take some further time, to make the engine piping and to complete the brake mechanism. Especially, because i lack 2 small pneumatic cylinders.
Also, building instructions for the entire car in ldraw are in preparation, but they might take several months till they're ready. Misha is working hard on them, since i've provided him with TONS of detailed pics, and will continue so, untill he has enough material to make them. Untill then, enjoy the pics of the unfinished car. Outdoor pics and pics of the finished product will follow as the work progresses and the weather improves.


This model was built during november/december 2002. Didn't count the hours, but it wasn't THAT many. It resembles the 1972 Dodge Charger Rallye, with a 426 HEMI engine, 4 speed (in our case 5 speed) transmission, dana60 rear end, and power bulge hood (in other words, my dream combination). It was built on the basis of
Glenn Woodell's beautifull 72' Charger Rallye 440 six pack.
When building the car i learned lots of valuable things to be applied to the next model. I'm not yet sure what the next model will be, but maby we can make a poll to help me decide, or just email me with your suggestions.
The engine:

Well, this little modell was made just to see, what those new design elements from the new supercar can do. It was made in the hour before the photoshoot with the audi v8 :)
It's features: Front and rear suspension via live axles, V8 engine, hood opens on both sides, 1930's cars type rod steering. Enjoy the pics.

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This is a modell i was developing since 1993, after i saw a pic of a modified 1980 Ford Transit modell in a german magazine, called "Chrom & Flammen". It features independent front suspension, rear live axle suspension, V8 engine, 4 speed supercar MK I transmission and a steering mechanism, of course. It's made on the Technic figures scale, so 2 technic figures can take place on the front seats. I built it a few days prior to the photoshoot with the Audi V8 and the 32' roadster.

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This modell was a slight improovement to the interceptor mkI. It was built during summer 2000 and featured many new things.
a) The engine is placed in front of the front axle. The gearbox has an integrated differential, which is placed just behind the engine. The gearbox is operated via flex system and ropes, like in a real car. This has several benefits: because the car has a modified supercar MkII gearbox, it would have required a huge gearbox shaft in the interior. Also, the shifting motion of the supercar MkII's gearbox is far from that of real cars. So i made this nice system to accomplish both tasks. A small gearbox shaft, and the realistic shifting feel.

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