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side-view3.jpgThe interceptor mkII was built in spring 2001. It featured many new things and was far better than the audi or its predecessor. Here's some details:
The engine: It's basically a V version of the 4 cylinder engine, as seen in the Building plans section. And by saying that, i mean, that i have taken two R4 engines and have planted them in the same casing. The rest was just a thing of adjustment. It's a very powerfull engine. Aldough it has never exceeded 160 rpm's, it was capable of moving the 5-6 kilogram interceptor with ease (while the car moved, the engine run @ 80rpm's). Since i consider it too complicated and too inefficiant in this stage of development, there will be no building instructions for it.

slika11.jpgThe interceptor was my second "big" car. I was always a big car fanatic, and especially loved muscle cars. The interceptor was a prime example. The modell seen on this page was built in 1998. It was the first one to feature the pneumatic V8 engine, a self bearing body shell, and my new concept of body pannels. The later modells, the audi and the interceptor mkII improoved all its features and added many new ones.

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