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I thought someone might find detailed pictures of how the mustang is put together usefull, so here's a galery full of them. Enjoy.


This is the v8 that is propelling the Mustang. It runs smooth 960 rpms. As you can see in the mustang driveby video, it can pull the mustang with ease.


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This was the first decent running V8. It ran 700 rpms without any problems and was giving the charger thansmission a hard time. I am posting this instructions, because the camshaft settings are the same as in the mustang v8, so you can combine both instructions for the best result.

Download photo version
Download ldraw rendered version

This 4 cylinder was the basis for the Mustang V8 engine. It was the first of my engines to exceed the 1000 rpm barrier. While it was a milestone, it is already obsolete, because i have switched to studless. The studless 4 cylinder runs way better and has 1420 rpms. This engine also has a tendancy to vibrate itself apart. But you will have fun running it anyway :)

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